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Chatbot for hotel

We used 9 functions :


The user himself can choose the language of communication that is convenient for him

2. quick number ordering

The client selects and pays for the room and check-in/check-out dates he/she likes with the help of the bot himself/herself

3. How to get there

Using the geoposition module, the bot will show the nearest hotel in your network or display the addresses of all of them if none of them is nearby

4. Communication with the administration

A convenient way for customers to communicate with staff even without being in the hotel

5. Entertainment nearby

Integrations with TripAdvisor service will help to show all interesting places and establishments near your guest

6. Question-Answer system

Allows the customer to get an answer to their question without waiting for a response from staff

7. Calling staff

You no longer have to call the front desk, just press a couple of buttons and you will immediately receive a notification with a description of the problem and the customer number

8. Ordering food

The user can view your hotel's menu for the day and make an order within the messenger

9. Transfer order

Client needs to leave on business or for a walk? The bot will help him to order a comfortable car for transfer

A review of the bot's circuitry:


View PDF diagram

Employee bot capabilities:

1. Call notification

Help you respond faster to guest calls. And having additional information about the problem will shorten the time to resolve it

2. Order notifications

View a list of breakfast/dinner requests for each room and monitor their fulfillment with statuses

3. Collecting feedback

Find out your guest's opinion about their stay and learn how you can improve your service quality

4. Bonus program

Use a system of discounts and offers for guests to increase the number of sales

5. Mailing

Share useful information and promotions to stay top of mind with your guests

6. Increasing loyalty

Providing convenient service through messengers will help you maximize your customers' loyalty