Chatbot for water delivery

Bot features

1. Ordering

The customer can choose a supplier, then select the required items and put them in the shopping cart

2. Reminder basket

Saves everything the customer has put in the cart and periodically reminds if the order is not completed, which greatly reduces the % of abandoned carts.

3. reminders on the re-purchase cycle

After a while, the bot will offer to repeat the order or postpone this procedure for a certain number of days.

4. Recommendations

The user can recommend the bot to his friends, and can also recommend new suppliers.

5. Personal cabinet

The user fills in personal data for the order, only 1 time, after which they are saved in the personal cabinet, he can go to "Settings" and edit them.

6. Multilingualism

The user can select the language in "Settings"

7. Supplier registration

Ability to send a request to register yourself as a supplier in the bot, after verification by the administrator in this bot will already come orders.


1. Removing the load from the call center

Automation reduces the burden on operators

2. Improvements in customer service

The absence of the need to call and the comfort of using a chatbot, cause positive feedback from customers and raise the image of the company.

3. Reducing the cycle of repeat purchases

Notifications allow you to get more attention and not lose a customer.

A review of the bot's circuitry:


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