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Why does a business implement chatbots for customer service?

Why does a business implement chatbots for customer service?

For one main reason: to increase profits and optimize communication with customers.

The success story of one of our projects gave me a convincing argument in favor of this idea. Their chatbot brings in 200 thousand hryvnias of profit every month, comparing it to the cost of paid Viber messaging.

One of the key aspects that we took into account was the importance of interaction with the customer base. We know that this directly affects our LTV (lifetime value of a customer) and our ability to compete in the market. Therefore, we started actively collecting our customer base through a widget on the website and even offline using QR codes. The main task was to integrate the chatbot into our existing business processes.

The success of a chatbot depends on how useful it is to our customers. We tried to provide a wide range of services through the chatbot, from answering questions to placing orders. This would give us an advantage over our competitors and increase customer loyalty.

Chatbots also allow you to create effective newsletters and use the constructor to create different types of chatbots. The cost of a project can vary from very affordable templates for $150 to customized developments that cost about $800 on average.

Another advantage of chatbots is their competitiveness compared to apps, especially in the face of memory and installation limitations on budget devices.

For example, to create and debug a chatbot in business, we used the Telegram platform, which allows creating complex interfaces inside chatbots. This makes them very convenient for stores that do not have a separate website.

I also wanted to share a useful resource for those who are interested in communicating and creating projects with chatbots. You can visit chatbullet.com, where you will find not only information about projects but also partnership opportunities for marketers, startups, and investors. This can be an important step in implementing chatbots in your business and making it more competitive.