Chat-bot for currency exchange

An overview of how the bot works and a schematic of the bot:

4 functions:

1. Current exchange rate

To find out the current rate of this or that bank, as well as popular cryptocurrencies, you just need to make a few clicks

2. Automatic conversion

All you need to do is enter the amount you are interested in. The bot will show you the exact value of this amount in seconds

3. Subscribe to rate changes

With the help of notifications your clients will always know the current exchange rate of the currencies they are subscribed to

4. Answers to questions

This is a personal account through which you can add questions and answers. In the bot menu the user will be able to find and select the answer he is interested in

Scheme of work


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Employee bot capabilities:

1. Prepared applications

Get a client who is ready to trade. All you have to do is agree on the format of the transaction

2. Newsletters

Personal cabinet through which you can add a new newsletter. The module allows you to send text, links and media files that the client will receive in their messenger