Chatbot for lending

We used 3 functions:

1. Convenience

The user fills in only the most necessary data, the rest is calculated for him by the bot

2. Q&A system

Allows you to save the time it takes to answer your customers' most frequently asked questions

3. Working with geolocation

Ability to show the user the nearest locations from the list you can create in the bot control panel.

A review of the bot's circuitry:

View PDF diagram

Employee bot capabilities:

1. Speed

The bot instantly performs the calculation based on the data entered by the user, the probability of human error in this case is 0

2. Notifications

Share important news about loan rate updates or other financial changes with your users

3. API integrations

Integration with any third-party services Integration with accounting systems 1C, CRM, ERP Customization of automatic scripts for your tasks