Chat-bot for online store on Foxtrot example, review by Chatbullet

Chat bot for the store: solutions and functionality

Now there is a big demand in the market to create chat bots for online stores. But there is a problem! Not everyone has a good enough idea of what a chat bot should be for a business in the e-commerce niche;
There is a standard idea that inside the bot there should be a showcase of products and a function for tracking orders. But it's not that simple! 
When developing chat bots, you need to think about a lot of little things that customers don't know about and executors may forget about. 

Chat bot for online store: Foxtrot example

CEO Chatbullet in the video review will tell you about how the telegram and  viber bot of a well-known electronics supermarket chain in Ukraine works. The functionality of the bot can be realized in different ways and not always do it successfully. The problem is not only in the developers' decisions, but also in the systems with which bots are integrated.

Watch the video and read a short summary of the review in text format. Let's go through all the main points;

Choice of messengers

A good e-commerce bot simply has to be multichannel. And it makes sense here. Foxtrot bot is available in Viber, Telegram. 

Main bot menu

The menu contains the following items: 
  • my card (loyalty program);
  • customer's personal cabinet;
  • order status;
  • frequently asked questions;
  • go to the site;
  • function to connect an operator;
Everything is logical and clear. Let's go through each of the points. 
The loyalty program is implemented simply and logically. The overall impression is slightly spoiled by a small error. There is no button that returns the user to the main menu. 

To go back, the user needs to write any symbol or text. Many in such a situation will simply close the bot and will not make a purchase in the end.  
Order tracking. Order information contains: 
  • number;
  • product description;
  • order status (here you should give a plus to the developers, different stages of processing are described very concisely and clearly);
You can leave feedback on your purchase. Foxtrot's chat bot redirects you to a page on the site. This is not critical, but it was possible to implement the collection of reviews inside the chat bot. It is faster and clearer for the user;

The page of gratitude for the order on the site is implemented well. Here it is important to remember - on such pages you need to maximize the buttons to go to Telegram and Viber. This way you will get more bot subscribers, automate communication with them as much as possible, and unload the support service.

Checking the status of orders is a very important tool. It should work as quickly as possible. It depends on how the accounting programs are set up, how quickly they process data. We have seen that updating statuses via Foxtrot's chat bot sometimes lags. Because of this, the user may think that the order has not gone through;

Personal profile of the chat bot user

Everything here is implemented very conveniently. You can view the history of orders, a map of the nearest stores. From your personal cabinet you can go to the site, place an order there and track it in the chat bot;
Here you can also go to the sections Operator Help and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Major mistakes and conclusions from Chatbullet

  • Offer to leave a review, status messages are sent via paid Viber mailings, although it is not necessary, and it is possible to make similar mailings via chatbot without spending money;
  • It is difficult for the user to go to the main menu from the branch with the loyalty program. This is not very good. 
  • It is desirable to make the links to go to the bot large and clearly visible buttons. This is not the case in the example we have been parsing. We see the names of messengers slightly highlighted in blue;
It is desirable to make the buttons for switching to the bot large and clearly visible. This is not the case in the example we've analyzed. We see the names of messengers lightly highlighted in blue;
General impression of the chat bot

Order Viber and Telegram chat bot for online store

We hope after our video and article you learned a lot of useful things about messenger marketing in the e-commerce niche. ChatBullet company will create functional, fast and user-friendly service bots;
With this tool you will automate many processes, improve service, and therefore give your company a competitive advantage! ;
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