Chat-bot for selling auto parts


1. up-to-date product catalog

At each request, all data will be taken from your database. Which guarantees the relevance of the information

2. Search by VIN code and part number

Allows the customer to search your product catalog to see only the products they need

3. Application to search for the desired product

If the user's request did not yield the desired result - the request will go to your manager

4. Loyalty program

The opportunity to accumulate bonus points and spend them on goods for the next purchases

5. Online ordering

You do not need to call your manager and discuss all the details of the transaction, it is enough to pay for your order right at checkout

6. Communication with manager

In case a customer has difficulties, they can always write to your employees directly in the same bot

7. Synchronization of the product database

Allows integration with 1C base or other CRM to keep customer catalog up to date

8. Newsletters

Opportunity to tell about special offers and discounts for free, without paying for SMS for each subscriber

9. Integration with payment system

You no longer need to call the customer and dictate payment details. The entire cycle is handled by a chatbot

A review of the bot's circuitry:


View PDF diagram


1. Relieving the call center workload

Automation reduces the burden on operators

2. Improvements in customer service

The absence of the need to call and the comfort of using a chatbot, cause positive feedback from customers and raise the image of the company.