Chat-bot for beauty salon

We used nine features:

1. Online enrollment

You will no longer have to wait for the master's answer and make an appointment for an inconvenient time. The client chooses the date and time of the appointment himself

2. Q&A system

Allows you to save the time it takes to answer your customers' most frequently asked questions

3. Communication with operators

When you click the "Contact Operator" button, the dialog goes to a live person

4. Loyalty program

Ability to accumulate bonus points and spend them on services

5. Portfolio

Demonstrate your work to a potential client so they choose your salon

6. Tips

Share useful content with the user to increase their loyalty to you

7. Customer feedback

Show testimonials from your customers, thereby attracting new audiences

8. Salon contacts

Share your salon location and contacts so clients can always reach you in person

9. About us

Tell us about your masters and the history of the salon's foundation

A review of the bot's circuitry:


View PDF diagram

Bot capabilities for employees and management :

1. Record Notices

The bot can notify masters about new records for today, as well as in the morning it can send a list of records for the current day.

2. Reports

The report can be set up for morning or evening, with a report on record density, revenue, employee visits and any other key kp.i.

3. Notifications of negative feedback

If a customer sends a negative review, the bot will immediately send it to management.