Real estate

Rental chatbot

We used six features:

1. Q&A system

Allows the customer to get answers to their questions quickly

2. Testimonials

The client will be able to recommend accommodation on the service you need and raise the rating of your accommodation

3. Reservations

Possibility to book an apartment independently, without the landlord's involvement

4. Online payment

The customer immediately pays for their reservation independentlyо

5. Communication with operators

When you click the "Contact Operator" button, the dialog goes to a live person.

6. Working with geolocation

Ability to show the user the nearest locations from the list you can create in the bot control panel.

An overview of how the bot works and a schematic of the bot:

Scheme of work


View PDF diagram

Employee bot capabilities:

1. Notifications

Receive notifications of successful bookings as soon as they are made

2. Mailing list

Got a great offer for your customers? Tell all your subscribers about it in a couple of clicks

3. Synchronization

Synchronization of dates available for booking takes place simultaneously in all popular booking services