Familiarization with the Chatbullet.com platform interface
1. basic navigation
Unallocated - All new dialogs that are received by the company
All operators can see this folder, after reading it any operator can take over the dialog and start communicating.

My dialogs - Operator's individual folder
As soon as an operator takes over a dialog, other operators stop seeing it.
When the conversation is finished, the operator can close the dialog and it will go to the "Completed" folder

Completed - history of all completed dialogs
The dialog will stay here until the client writes a new message, when this happens, the dialog will be immediately moved to the "Unallocated" folder and any operator will be able to receive it.
2. Dialogue work
2.1. Taking the dialogue upon oneself
2.2 Forwarding a dialog to another operator
2.3 Ending the dialog
Important: As long as you have not completed the dialog, messages will only be sent to you.

If you leave your workplace, be sure to end all dialogs!
2.4 Filling in the client card
To add information, simply click on the multi-dot ("...") next to the card item you want to add.
Example: what a completed customer card looks like, any information can be entered.

This information will be available to all operators.
We wish you a pleasant use! :)