Your brand is in the customer's pocket
Promote your business with a loyalty program in messengers and social networks
Market leaders
They're already using messengers
for sales and customer support
What we're doing
Our solution consists of 4 elements
Subscription pages and widgets
Gathers customer base in messengers, special offers, can be used to attract customers from targeted advertising
Chatbots, loyalty programs in messengers and social networks
Engages customers in the loyalty program and enables communication with the customer
Control system
Allows you to analyze customer preferences and behavior, launch mailings
Business messenger
Allows operators to answer customer questions from messengers and social networks
What you get
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
  • Cost-effective loyalty program
    highly engaged
  • Automatic collection of client
    mailing list
  • Increased visits and revenue
    through personalized mailings
Our clients' results
How does it work?
We put your mobile app on Google Play and App Store, your customers install it
You gather a base of customers who engage with the loyalty program
You send customers offers that are relevant to them, and they come back more often
Using messengers in business
By signing up for the customer newsletter, that gives your company an edge in closing the deal.

If your competitors are still using online chat, the customer is more likely to be yours.
No need to spend money on app development
Do personalized trigger mailings, include chat bots in the process, get warm leads to the sales team.
Base and trigger mailings
Being in a familiar environment for communication, the client behaves more relaxed.

Smileys and stickers help to make communication with your company more friendly.

Against conservative competitors, pull in more customers by increasing customer loyalty.
It's easier for the customer to buy
A client can send you a photo or video in 1 click.

Your sales department can send price lists, product photos, video instructions, presentations and geo-locations to find your store or office.

This will help improve service quality and customer loyalty.
Possibility to create autonomous self-service systems

Chatbots can be used to implement a personal account, loyalty program, event registrations, and more.

This will help save your development budget of their own mobile app.
Process automation with chatbots
Invoice directly into messenger, when connected to the payment gateway, you will be able to use the card saving system and all subsequent payments, take in 1 click.

Payments in 1 click fully legal functionality, from our payment partners, enjoy its benefits today.
Payment Acceptance
Additional communication channels
Calls as well as all other communication channels are received in the dialog window of the client

This allows you to see a complete picture of communications with the client.
You can utilize online chat, along with messengers.
Online chat
Helps you close deals when chat alone isn't enough. Combine these two communication channels to increase conversions at all stages of the sales funnel.

All messages and calls in a single interface
All of Chatbullet's tools are built to handle hundreds of customer inquiries every day
Leave a request and try Chatbullet!
We will contact you and advise you on all matters
Tariff plans
Apply now!
Our manager will contact you and help you to set up everything.
Trial period
First 30 days
  • Any number of sites and chat rooms
  • Widget to site
  • Support Service
More than 10 users
  • Any number of sites and chat rooms
  • Widget to site
  • Integration with CRM
  • Support Service
We integrate the platform with any
CRM, Helpdesk or PBX.
We care about data protection
Reliable servers and technology
Servers from Google
We utilize the most reliable servers to ensure your customers' requests are received without interruption.
Data protection protocol
This data protection protocol, does not allow your messages to be intercepted, all data is securely protected.
Maxim Belov
[email protected]
+38 093 30 44 610
Odessa, Ukraine