How to create a Telegram bot?
Step 1
Follow this link This opens a chat with BotFather, the "father of bots". BotFather provides a menu for creating and managing Telegram bots. Click on the "Start" button at the bottom of the window to start a dialog.
Step 2
BotFather will send a list of commands for creating and managing bots. We need to create a new bot, so send him the command "/newbot":
Step 3
BotFather asks you what you want to name the bot. Make up a name for the bot and send it. The name can be either Latin or Cyrillic. You can change the name later.

We called the bot "Chatbullet Telegram Bot":
Step 4
Next, BotFather asks you to give the bot an alias (username). The username must end with "bot". Only Latin letters, digits and underscores are allowed to be used as an alias. The minimum length of an alias is 5 characters. The alias cannot be changed in the future.

Make up an alias for the bot and send it in a message. We have given the bot the nickname "ChatbulletTelegram_Bot":
Step 5
BotFather will send the bot token. This completes the creation of the Telegram bot. The only thing left to do is to send the bot token to us, thus completing the installation on our platform.