Chat bot for selling auto parts
The bot is able to process a large flow of orders and search for products in your database. Fast order processing will significantly increase your sales!
Bot features for customers
  • Up-to-date product catalog
    At each request, all data will be taken from your database. Which guarantees the relevance of the information
  • Search by VIN code and part number
    Allows the customer to search your product catalog to see only the products they need
  • Request to search for the desired product
    If the user's request did not yield the desired result - the request will go to your manager
  • Loyalty program
    The opportunity to accumulate bonus points and spend them on goods for the next purchases
  • Online ordering
    You do not need to call your manager and discuss all the details of the transaction, it is enough to pay for your order right at checkout
  • Communication with manager
    In case a customer has difficulties, they can always write to your employees directly in the same bot
Schematic of bot operation
Staff bot capabilities
  • Order list
    Process orders directly from the bot's admin panel
  • Synchronization of the product database
    Allows integration with 1C base or other CRM to keep customer catalog up to date
  • Newsletters
    Opportunity to tell about special offers and discounts for free, without paying for SMS for each subscriber
  • Integration with payment system
    You no longer need to call your client and dictate payment details. The entire cycle is handled by a chatbot
Possible integrations
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