Chat bot for food delivery
The bot will help your customer to quickly place and pay for their order and save you a lot of money that could have been spent on developing your own application!
Bot capabilities for the client
  • Menu
    You can check out the assortment and prices of all the items on your menu and then place your order.
  • Personal cabinet
    Will allow the customer to fill out their card and check the discount available to them
  • Delivery
    The user places an order to the desired address
  • Online payment
    Payment for the order by card immediately after it is made
  • Loyalty program
    The most powerful tool for customer retention. Give the user bonus points after every purchase
  • Communication with the administrator
    When you click the "Contact Operator" button, the dialog goes to a live person
Schematic of bot operation
Bot features for employees
  • Collecting feedback
    Performs feedback collection the day after the reservation or booking date
  • Notifications and mailings
    This is a personal cabinet through which you can add a new newsletter.
    The module allows you to send text, links and media files that will be sent to the client's cell phone
  • Catalog of goods / services
    This is a personal account where you will be able to upload your products/services or add them manually
  • Working with delivery
    Review and assign orders to couriers
  • Loyalty program
    Ability to integrate your existing loyalty program into messengers and display accumulated bonuses to the client in his personal cabinet
  • Employee tracking
    Ability to show the user the nearest locations from the list you can create in the bot control panel.
Chat center for administrator
The app and web version for delivery administrators will help resolve customer issues in real time
Здравствуйте, в мой заказ
забыли положить ещё два
набора для еды
День добрый, весь наш заказ привезли холодным. Ждали 3 часа
Доставили очень быстро, а ещё и очень вкусно. Спасибо!
Привет, можно ли постоянному клиенту получить у вас скидку?
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