A chatbot for lending
Fully automates the process of calculating totals for lease or loan payments, depending on the terms specified by the customer
Bot capabilities for the client
  • Convenience
    The user fills in only the most necessary data, the rest is calculated for him by the bot
  • Q&A system
    Allows you to save the time it takes to answer your customers' most frequently asked questions
  • Working with geolocation
    Ability to show the user the nearest locations from the list you can create in the bot control panel.
Schematic of bot operation
Bot features for employees
  • Speed
    The bot instantly performs the calculation based on the data entered by the user, the probability of human error in this case is 0
  • Notifications
    Share important news about loan rate updates or other financial changes with your users
  • API integrations
    Integration with any third-party services
    Integration with accounting systems 1C, CRM, ERP
    Customization of automatic scripts for your tasks
Possible integrations
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