Chat bot for online store
Will enable customer engagement and create additional sales, reducing the burden on staff
Bot features for customers
  • Shopping cart
    Ability to double-check your order, edit the necessary items and then complete the purchase
  • Orders
    The user can view a list of their orders, as well as get information about delivery times without leaving messenger
  • Convenient editing
    The product card is modified immediately after your edits, instead of coming as a new message
  • Online payment
    The possibility of integration with payment systems will save you from the routine of manual processing of orders and increase the speed of their processing
  • Q&A system
    Allows you to save the time it takes to answer your customers' most frequently asked questions
  • Communication with operators
    When you click the "Contact Operator" button, the dialog goes to a live person.
  • Loyalty program
    Ability to accumulate bonus points and spend them on purchases
  • Collecting feedback from customers
    The opportunity to leave feedback on the purchase of goods, services or other products of your company
Overview of the bot's operation and schematic
Bot features for employees
  • Database integration
    The bot will be able to automatically synchronize with your product database directly from the 1C platform or other application you use
  • Newsletter
    To keep your users up to date with all promotions and new products it will be enough just to start a newsletter with a few buttons
  • Order processing
    You will be able to view a list of all active orders and process them right in messenger
Chat center for operators
Application and web version for operators of your online store, designed to handle a large number of requests
Possible integrations
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