A chatbot to deliver
drinking water
We have managed to make this routine task as quick and easy as possible
Bot features for customers
  • SMS authorization
    Only an identified user will be able to place an order on your behalf
  • Quick order
    You don't have to spend a lot of time talking to an operator to place an order. It takes 30 seconds to place an order
  • Customer card
    The user can change all the necessary data himself. Moves and number changes are now safe for you!
Schematic of bot operation
Bot features for employees
  • Relieving the call center workload
    Ability to relieve operators during peak hours. Users make their own requests for delivery
  • Statistics
    Ability to view daily number of orders, number of product units per person and other statistics
  • Order management
    Review and assign orders to couriers
Possible integrations
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