Creating chatbots
for retail and e-commerce
A small presentation of our achievements
These amounts take into account only the savings on free advertising campaigns without taking into account the automation of the service

Video overview of popular features

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the video is 2 years old, but everything is relevant
Order Confirmation
Online payments
Order statuses
Collecting feedback
Selection of goods
Connecting operators
Personal cabinet
Product subscription
Stores in the vicinity
Referral program
Loyalty program
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What problems we solve
Automation is aimed at reducing costs and increasing revenue
  • Reduce mailing costs
    Calculate how many service and advertising messages you send
    On average, they spend 20-25 thousand to 5000$/month on the base
  • Automation of busy processes
    Timely information and active interaction with the client creates the impression of a technology company and reduces the workload of the contact center
  • Feedback control
    Constant monitoring, collecting feedback, helps to avoid problems with the quality of service
  • Retain customers
    Retain your customers with a loyalty system, gamification will allow you to get more revenue per customer.
Our advantages
A lot of ready-made functionality for your purposes