VIBER and TELEGRAM chat-bot
Ready-made solution
for water delivery service
Water delivery chatbots are growing in popularity.
It is no longer a luxury, but a basic option that customers are demanding
3 out of 5 customers order water via chatbot
The bot does not need to be downloaded, unlike the mobile app

Ordering in the bot is easier than on the website

Order repeat in 1 click

Authorization by one button

Order acceptance 24/7

You can place an order with payment in 30 seconds
Check out an overview of the chatbot in just 1 minute
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How can a chatbot help you sell more?
Receiving orders
A chatbot will help you choose everything you need and place your order
Reminds you of an unfinished order
The option allows you to get up to an additional 10% of orders
Will accept payment
The chatbot itself generates invoices, payments, and controls the receipt of money.
Keeps track of the regularity of orders
Reminds the person in time that the water supply is running low and places the order in one touch
Creates a WOW-effect for your company
With the help of button visualization in Viber you can make your chatbot unique and memorable
How do you get/start your chatbot?
Leave a chatbot request on this website and wait for a call from us
Set the parameters of your delivery service (price, work schedules and receiving requests)
Get a chatbot ready to receive and process orders
One-time payments :
Startup and setup - $150
  • Confirmation of orders
  • Payment Acceptance
  • Orders in 1 click
  • Reminder of an abandoned order
  • Initiating orders
  • Telegram/email orders
  • 1 messenger (Viber/Telegram)
I want to
  • All features "Basic" +
  • 2 messengers (Telegram+Viber)
  • Integration with crm-system
  • Store in bot
  • Feedback collection
  • Possibility of customizations
  • Personal project manager
I want to
  • All features "Advanced" +
  • Base segmentation
  • Newsletters
  • Button visualization
  • Referral program
  • Personal cabinet
  • Loyalty program
I want to
If you pay for 6 months
chatbot startup free of charge
The promotion is valid until 31.12.2021