Creating chatbots in Telegram
for business from $249

Create and integrate with accounting systems

This is what chatbots look like in Telegram

Telegram is the most convenient messenger for developing chatbots it has many cool features.

We create chatbots not only in Telegram, but also in other popular messengers

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In order to understand how it works.
    When a company doesn't have a chatbot
    Any customer question takes a lot of time
    ① The customer explains to the operator what he needs
    ② The operator opens the desired system

    ③ Makes a request to search for information

    ④ Obtains the desired information

    ⑤ Answers the customer's question
    When a chatbot is
    The client can independently
    perform all actions
    • buy, book, apply

    • Check status, availability, balance

    • request invoices, bills of lading, invoices.

    • and other important information
    Chatbots will help
    Create customer engagement
    • Chat-bot of the online store will notify about the arrival of interesting products
    • The barbershop's chatbot reminds the customer after a month after the haircut and offers to book a second appointment.
    • Restaurant chat-bot will help to book a table and call the waiter
    Qualify customers
    • Chat-bot for travel agency will help the client to choose a tour, based on the data collected as a result of the survey: date and period of departure, number of people and budget of the client
    • The real estate agency's chatbot will survey the client and, based on their answers, automatically generate a customized offer for them
    Automate processes
    Answering frequently asked questions, checking order statuses, billing, and more.
    admin panel
    - Monitor dialogs

    - Do mailings

    - Communicate with customers
    Creating from 199$
    Subscription fee from 12$/month
    We can realize any individual solution

    * We accept payment by Liqpay or by r/c
    Feedback from our customers
    • Andrei @XKyiv (Telegram)
      Sponsor of the Babysitter volunteer project
      Since this is my first experience using a bot in Telegram and I didn't have a clear idea of the functionality of this tool from the beginning, it's a bit difficult to compare expectations/reality).
      In general, everything is as simple and convenient as possible. For a certain category of users, this is the only available communication channel. And we appreciate it.
      In the future, when developing our project or similar initiatives, we will definitely consider a chatbot as a necessary component. We have practiced on simple functionality). We will think about how to develop and expand chatbots and make the task more complicated when drafting the ToR.
      The specificity of volunteer projects is the need to implement the idea as quickly as possible and leave room for "tweaks" along the way. It was very important for us to get the bot "yesterday", so we thank you for your efficiency.
    • Eugene @KutsenkoE (Telegram)
      Service center owner ITSA
      You guys are great. we'll see how people get on. but I'm happy! thank you!!!!
    • Anastasia Marchuk @anastasiarosss (Telegram)
      Project Manager Love-Creators
      Thank you very much for the service! Everything works perfectly, the program is clear and accessible )
      Thank you so much to the team for always being on the phone and solving any issues in an emergency )
      We already recommend you 👍🏼
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