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How to create a Viber bot?



Step 1

Go to Enter your phone number (1), check the "I am not a robot" box (2) and click the "Next" button (3)

Step 2

Enter the confirmation code (1), which was sent by a message to the Viber account, to which the specified phone number is attached, and press Next (2).

Step 3

Enter e-mail (1), think of and enter a password (2), re-enter the password (3), check the box next to "Agree to Viber's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" (4), click Next (5).

Step 4


пViber partner account management aneli

 click on "Create Bot Account"

Step 5

The form for creating a new bot will open. Add an avatar (size should be 600x600 px) and fill in all fields of the form (1). Check the box next to "Agreement with terms of use" (2), and click Create (3)

Check the box next to the text "The account contains adult content" only if the content of the bot is exclusively 18+. In all other cases we recommend to leave this field empty, as marked on the screenshot!

Step 6

This completes the creation of Viber bot. Click on the "Copy" button to copy the token. Then it remains only to send the bot token to us, thus completing the installation on our platform.