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Features of Viber bots

Features of Viber bots

In this article, you will learn about the main features of the keyboard and other elements of bots on this platform


The Viber bot keyboard is the main component consisting of buttons and is capable of making your bot as practical and attractive as possible for the end user. For this purpose, you have a number of possibilities, namely:

‣ The ability to change the width of the buttons - this allows you to place up to 6 buttons in one row!

‣ The ability to change the height of the buttons to make them more visible to the user or to properly emphasize more and less important buttons

‣ Ability to set absolutely any color for the button text using universal HEX code

‣ Possibility to arrange the text inside the button as you need it to be

‣ Possibility to format the text: make it bold, strikethrough or italics

‣ Ability to add a picture or icon directly inside the button

Multimedia and carousel

Multimedia is a flexible element from which you can design a wide variety of bot elements. Such as: a series of buttons directly below the message, product card, cart, list of menu categories and much more.

The possibilities of customization of multimedia elements are almost identical to the settings of the keyboard. It should be noted that Viber allows you to place no more than 6 elements in one carousel, so the rest of the elements are formed and sent to the user with a new message.

Look at the examples

Thanks to the examples you can understand how these all possibilities can be combined, each project can be unique.