Telegram in Ukrainian

The Telegram mobile app now has the ability to change the language interface to "beautiful Ukrainian." This setting changes the captions and names of sections of the app. For example, groups have been renamed "communities," their members are now "bandera," and channel subscribers have become "patriots." Chat with yourself is now called "your psychologist".

When your interlocutor is typing, you see them "poke". To leave the group, you "burn bridges". Your interlocutors are either "tutonka" (online) or "beating up on Muscovites" (offline).

Unfortunately, translation into "beautiful Ukrainian" is only 28% available and is not yet fully developed. The developers promise to finalize the translation and encourage users to report any translation errors on the relevant platform.

If you want to return to the standard Ukrainian language or change the language interface to another language, you can always do so in the application settings.